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The Mighty Airsharks 
Harbourne  (21.3.09) KO 2.00 PM
(Sorry but Harbourne can't make it any earlier)
Captain : Cage

Meet 1:00 Metchley!!
1. Fresher Will?/McGiveney?
2. Dave
3. McGooch
4. Long face
5. Reggae
6. Hudders/Steel
7. Rara
8. Mr Toad
9. Josh Lucy
10. Disco David
11. Seb/Combover/Ramey
12. Cage
13. Sparky-o
14. Minge
15. Tiny Dancer

anishit, pidgeon?, sharkbite?, toby?any poor soul you can find
If you can't play or if you can play but I didn't see you in training let Cage know: 07871612876
Its our final game and its home so bring support!
Do not be late!!!!
The Cage has spoken

2nd team match reports