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The idea of being part of a family makes everyone feel warm inside. So here at Brum Medics RFC we are part of our little families with The Family (aka The Cluub!). Here's a list of the families and their members! 
If you are the head of your family, email to let us know who is part of it.

Family Fit/Elite          

Random Raj Joshi (Grad)
Urethral Meatus (Grad)
Paddy Mosse Side (Grad)
Damo Physio (Grad)
Gary Lambert(Grad)
Vinnie  (Grad)         
Nutbeam  (Grad)    
Duggan  (Grad)     
Timay  (Grad)         
Hall-ee  (cock)      
Wang  (Grad)       
Vicann  (Grad)        
Nemo  (Grad)      
Tomi/Mi/Guv (Med IV)
Tom "Jokeland" Oakland (Med IV)
Bateman/Peggy Sue (Med IV)
Tom "Bag of worms" Renninson (Med IV)
Chris "Gaymo" Mac (Med III)
Paul "Fresher Mawer" (Med II)
Pete "Lairy" Rogers (Med II)
Alex "Big Gay Al" Smalls (Med II)
Paul "Sacky" Maalo (Med II)
Lloyd "Spunkbuble" Collier (Med I)

Family Fat
beaman (Grad)
Darb (Grad)
Suggs (Grad)
stevo (Grad)
Rolf (Grad)
Pell (Grad)
swede (Grad)
Nissy (Grad)
the beake (Grad)
danger "i've retired" davis (Grad)
mogley (Med V)
John Steel (Med V)
northern (Intercalater)
Goldberg (Med III)
Ali (Bmed III)
Cheesy (Med II)
Lyndon (Med I)                                                                       
Family Macho
Beano  (Grad)
Rodders  (Grad)
Alan  (Grad)
Sharma (Grad)
Para  (Leciester)
Crispy  (Grad)
Singhy  (Grad)
Chris  (Grad)
Guy  (Grad)
H (Med IV)
BMI (Med IV)
Roidy (Med IV)
Sharkbite (Med III)
Charlie (Med III)
Gunny (Med II)
Family MAO
Millhouse  (Grad)
Geoghan  (Grad)
AD  (Grad)
PJ  (Grad)
Kupfer  (Grad) - finally
Hawk  (Grad)
Jambo  (Grad)
Psycho  (Intercalating)
Oli  (Grad)
Fatty  (Grad)
Fatty Harris  (Grad)
Shandy  (Grad)
Martin (Grad)
John  (Gtad)
Stevo (Gad)
Dwain  (Grad)
Boyd  (Grad)
Toby (Med V)
Old Man McGiveny (Med III)
Seb (Med II)
Pidgeon (Med II)
Family Fabio
Old Father Time (Fabio) (Grad)
Horns (Grad)
Dolph (Grad)
Goochie (Grad)
Juggers (Grad)
Baby Paul/Buttplug/The Plug (Grad)
JC (Grad)
Dave Messenger (Grad)
Dylan aka "The Wingnut" (Grad)
Gavo Fuckface (Grad)
Nick Offer (Grad)
Skully (Grad)
Gilbo (Grad)
Stormers (Grad)
Busted (Grad)
Hardman (Med IV) - Sort you life out, recruit some freshers, maybe have a bath, stop being a diva and organise a family meal!
Snelly (Med III)
CD Paddy (Med III)
This is definitely not the total set of the families. Can you email the rest in.
FAMILY CRISIS - The Hodge-Hawk Family
Right. It seems that the fickle Hawk has returned to the family he once deserted. Don't know why they took him back, but that's not the point. Where does that leave this family? With only Preston at the helm of this family, I feel that this blood line will surely die out. First of all, apart from me and Preston, who else is in this family? Preston, if you even give a sh*t, email the members of the family to me, and show that you are a good head-of-family by organising a family night out.